We are excited to offer Recital Payment Plan to our families. We have calculated the cost of the two shows and bundled it into a package. You can pay for it in one payment, or in equal monthly payments.

The payment plan DOES NOT INCLUDE TUITION, and must be paid in full before receiving the spring recital costume or tickets.

What are the Recital Payment Plan?
We will have TWO shows this year. A benefit show in December-January, and our grand Spring Recital. 
   * Recital Package - Includes Venue, 10 tickets to the recital per family (additional tickets are free, but on a first come, first serve basis AFTER everyone has received their tickets) and a recital t-shirt.
   * One Class Costume for the Spring Recital.
   * One Pair of Shoes (Ballet or Foot Undies - Tap and Jazz shoes $5 extra)  

   * Venue Rental

   * Simple Costume (leo and tutu, etc)
   * Props - As needed


Total cost: $250.00

What is the Payment Plan?
We will take the total amount of the option you choose and divide it over the remaining number of months in the season. If you start in August you will have 10 months to pay. If you start in March you will have 2 months to pay. All items in the package are for the 2020-2021 YEAR ONLY.

My child is in more then one class, how does that change the plan? 
The Recital Payment Plan comes with ONE spring costume and ONE winter costume Rental. If you are in multiple classes, you just need to purchase the extra costume(s). The spring show costume is $70 each. The winter show costume is $40. That amount can be added into your monthly payment.

What is NOT included in the Recital Payment Plan?
Danceware - the clothes you wear to class
Recital pictures

Will I be required to participate in the Recital Payment Plan 
Nope! If you would rather just pay class tuition monthly, and the additional costs as they come up, you are more then welcome to. Everyone one will have the chance to opt in or out at the time of registration. If you decide to opt in at a later date, you can either pay one lump sum payment to catch up, or we can redistribute the amount over the remaining number of months. Contact Ashlee to make the appropriate arrangements. The Recital Payment Plan is completely optional, and all payments made to it are non refundable. 

What if I start later in the season?  
No problem! You can either pay one lump sum payment to catch up, or we can redistribute the amount over the remaining number of months. 

What are the payment terms?
Payment is due with your regular tuition by the 25th of the month prior to the month being paid for. For example, payment is due by the 25th of August, for September's payment. If payment for the Recital Payment Plan is not made on time you will be removed from the program and placed on the standard payment schedule, and all benefits forfeited. All payments are non-refundable.

What if we quit before the end of the year?
All payments made to the Recital Payment Plan are NON-REFUNDABLE! If you think you may move, or not complete the year, it is suggested to NOT do the Recital Payment Plan, and pay for everything individually as it comes due. 

Can I get a discount if I pay in full up front?
 Of course! If you pay for the year in full up front (tuition AND Recital Payment Plan), you will receive a 5% discount. Must pay in full when you sign up to receive the discount. Discount no longer available after January.

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Fine Print: 
The Recital Payment Plan is a year long commitment. All payments made are non-refundable. If you quit before the end of the year, funds will not be refunded, and costume will be forfeited. Account must be paid in full to receive the costume.

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