All dancers and tumblers must wear any dance appropriate clothing to class. No jewelry, or street clothes. Hair must be secured away from face. Barefoot or appropriate dance shoes required. Tumbling students must wear form fitting clothes. Hip Hop students must wear tennis shoes to every class.  

Dance appropriate clothing includes, leotard and tumbling shorts or yoga pants, a biketard, or a leotard with tights. Dancers who arrive without dance clothing will be asked to sit out. This is for the child's safety and to help the teachers correct technique and posture.  Hair must be pulled away from face in a CLEAN way. Ponytail, braid, bun, etc.

If you are interested in ordering dancewear from me, let me know! I have quality danceware for great prices!  

Make-up Classes:
Missed classes can only be made up from August-January.  Classes missed after January, will be forfeited. Classes can be made up in another class of the same age and style, that has availability. Made up classes can only be made up within one month of the missed class and is the students responsibility to arrange it.  Contact Ashlee to determine which classes are available.

Registration Fee: 
Registration fee is per family per dance year. The registration fee must be paid in order to hold your spot. 

Payment Terms:
Payment is due by the 25th of the month preceding classes. For example, September's payment is due by August 25th. All accounts with an outstanding balance on the first, will have a $25 added to the family account. Returned checks will result in a $20 fee, and the $25 late fee, being added to the family account. 

If you decide to withdraw from class, please call me so we can discuss the situation and perhaps come up with an alternate solution. Otherwise a 15-day emailed notice will be required in order to cancel automatic payments. 

Recital Payment Plan, any unused tuition, and any other costume or misc fees already paid are non refundable. If you withdraw mid-season, costume and all other incentives will be forfeited. Any credits on the account will also be forfeited.

In order to learn and grow, good attendance is important! From February 1st until the Recital attendance is mandatory to participate in the recital. More than two (2) absences may result in the dancer being choreographed out of sections of the dance, or even withdrawn from the recital. We are a team and need all members present to grow and improve. Thank you for your help and understanding!

Tuition :  
Tuition is calculated per dance year and divided up into 10 equal payments. 

This class is a year long commitment. All payments are non-refundable. If you quit before the end of the year, funds will not be refunded, and costume will be forfeited.

Tuition (paid monthly) - Determined based on number of hours of class per week.
$25 Registration fee per family per year. Due to reserve spot.
$18-$25 Shoes - Price varies by style. Same shoes will be worn in the recital.
$70 Spring Costume. Includes tights, bag, hanger, costume instructions and accessories (if needed).
$65 Recital Package ($30 off per additional sibling). Includes venue rental, 10 tickets to the recital (per family, additional tickets are FREE and available first come first serve) and a recital t-shirt. Due March 25th, 2021.
$80 Winter Production. Includes a simple costume, props, music, venue, etc. Tickets $3 each. Proceeds go to a family or benefit in the community.
$17 Studio shirt will be required for some events 


If you have any questions please get in touch with us! Thank you!!!

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